Vingroup wins prestigious AIBP 2023 Asean Tech for ESG Award

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 14 March 2024 – Vingroup has earned the prestigious AIBP 2023 ASEAN Tech for ESG Award, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable development across Southeast Asia. This recognition underscores Vingroup’s commitment to integrating ESG principles into its core business strategies, driving positive change throughout the region.

Dr. Morgan Carroll (right) representing Vingroup receives the ASEAN Tech for ESG Award 2023 at the award ceremony in Singapore.
Dr. Morgan Carroll (right) representing Vingroup receives the ASEAN Tech for ESG Award 2023 at the award ceremony in Singapore.

Held annually by AIBP, the ASEAN Tech for ESG Awards recognize organizations across Southeast Asia that leverage digital tools and innovative technologies to advance impactful projects focused on sustainable initiatives. Widely considered prestigious within the region, these awards celebrate entities that achieve demonstrably positive results in their ESG efforts.

Vingroup prevailed over a strong field of finalists across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, in winning the AIBP 2023 ASEAN Tech for ESG Award. The jury was impressed by Vingroup’s “Creating a Green Future” project, which aligned with their comprehensive evaluation criteria encompassing environment, society, and governance aspects. Vingroup’s performance exceeded its competitors in these areas, affirming the position of Vietnam’s largest private conglomerate in shaping a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future for all.

As a regional multi-industry conglomerate, Vingroup is driving a greener future through digital initiatives focused on ESG principles. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, robotics, immersive tech, and blockchain, Vingroup addresses sustainability challenges across its diverse portfolio covering the technology industry, trade & services, and social enterprise.

One notable green and digital initiative includes the complete shift from internal combustion vehicles to smart electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing through Vingroup’s subsidiary, VinFast. This strategic move not only reduces annual carbon emissions but also fosters a comprehensive sustainable mobility ecosystem. VinFast’s efforts also extend beyond environmental benefits, creating thousands of new jobs and bolstering the local economies in the markets it operates in.

Another significant initiative is the implementation of smart city solutions that leverage IoT sensors and data analytics. This integrated approach optimizes energy consumption, reduces waste, and enhances transportation efficiency, creating a more sustainable urban environment. Beyond infrastructure, Vingroup embraces immersive technologies to enhance healthcare education and services.

Mr. Irza Suprapto, CFA, Executive Director, AIBP; CEO, Industry Platform, stated: “The ASEAN Tech for Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Awards, hosted by AIBP, spotlight organizations that are making significant strides in integrating ESG principles into their operations through digital innovation. This initiative celebrates the pioneering efforts of companies like Vingroup, which are making real-world impacts, setting benchmarks for sustainability and social responsibility across the region. By recognizing these achievements, AIBP underscores its commitment to promoting technological solutions that foster a positive impact for all, aligning with our mission to harness technology’s power for the greater good.”

Dr. Morgan Carroll, Director of ESG at Vingroup and VinFast, shared: “This prestigious award serves as a powerful validation of our unwavering commitment to ESG principles and our firm belief in the transformative potential technology has in driving sustainable development. Across Vingroup’s expansive and multifaceted portfolio, we proudly champion ESG principles in every facet of life. Our mission is not just technological advancement, it’s about building a better future for all, and this award fuels our dedication to this.”

Vingroup remains committed to pioneering new and innovative solutions that integrate ESG principles across its operations. This award serves as a springboard for further advancements in sustainable development, not only within Vietnam but throughout Southeast Asia and globally.

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