MWC: HONOR Launched its New Flagship Phone, the Magic6 Pro!

The long-awaited sequel to the Magic5 Pro is now here!

It felt like a year since Honor released a new flagship phone. We’re guessing they’re preparing for a grand launch event like Mobile World Congress. After a long wait, the company finally revealed the Magic6 Pro. It took almost the same design elements as the previous flagship but its camera system is entirely new. We heard this one uses a 180MP Periscope camera! Shoot the moon in high quality? That’s possible now. It always seems to feature DXOMark as evidence to its great camera system.

It’s been three years since the company departed from Huawei and we’re now seeing signs of more original designs. Its camera island shape is much more geometrical as opposed to the full circle of the Magic5 Pro. It also features three colours but only two shown on the global website: Epi Green, Purple, and Black.

We’ll be going first with the cameras since they are the main feature of the phone. On top you’ll find the 180MP periscope camera with OIS and 100x digital zoom. It’s nice they put it up here since that means they’re really boasting about its capabilities. The bottom left is a 50MP wide camera (Omnivision OVH9000), or as Honor likes to call it “Super Dynamic HONOR Falcon Camera”, and at the bottom right is a 50MP 122-degree ultrawide sensor. There are also two real cameras at the front, creating a distinct pill-shaped cutout. There are two because the other is the 3D ToF camera that allows for instantaneous focus and FaceID integration as most would just rely an image to your face but the 3D TOF Sensor can also identify a person’s facial features. Beside it is the 50MP selfie camera with 4K video. We’re happy this is a common thing now and brands don’t restrict themselves to just FullHD.

Next, we can discuss about the display. It is your typical 1.5K (2800x1200px) LTPO3 AMOLED screen with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, 5000nits HDR peak brightness which is super bright in case you don’t know, and 1.07 billion colors.

Now, for the chipset, it uses the typical Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset but under the hood, Honor has added some quirky gimmicks like the Discrete Security Chip, an anti-RF (Radio Frequency) chip to avoid hackers from using RFID to steal your data, and an Honor E1 battery management chip.

Speaking of batteries, the Honor Magic6 Pro uses a 2nd-gen SiC (Silicon Carbon) battery with 5600mAh capacity with 80W fast wired charging or 66W fast wireless charging. It would be great if Honor and any other brand has the courage to manufacture a phone with both fast wired and wireless charging as one of the key selling points. The phone runs MagicOS 8.0 based on Android 14. Another cool feature, which is usually restricted to Huawei phones or any other brand’s ultra flagships, is the two-way satellite messaging that allows you to call and text someone even without the internet or mobile top-up apps.

The phone is no available yet in the Philippines and we’re hoping low since Honor doesn’t quite reveal the sales chart of their flagships.

Soure: HiHonor Global