Energizer Is Making a Powerbank That’s Also a Phone… Again

Second chances. Is it vaporware again?

Remember the last time Energizer, yes the battery company ENERGIZER made a phone? It had a massive 16,000mAh battery and it’s massively thick! Imagine that falling on your face while you are asleep.

However, that phone ended up nowhere as it didn’t meet its funding goal on Kickstarter and the project was abandoned. However it looks like Energizer is ready for round two, this time with twice the battery size and probably twice the thickness and weight as well. It is appropriately named Energizer P28K and will debut at MWC Barcelona this year.

Unlike the P16K which was a typical smartphone with a pop-up selfie cam, the P28K is rugged. In theory, a battery of this size should last over 5 days on a single charge. Although, its charging rate is yet to be announced. We’re hoping it is more than 33W or it will also charge just as long from a dead battery.

Aside from that, we’re also expecting reverse charging to be a main featurette. In terms of its other specs, the phone is essentially a midranger sporting a 6.78″ FullHD+ (2400x1080px) IPS LCD screen and a set of three cameras comprising of a 60MP main, 20MP secondary, and a 2MP depth helper.

The rest of the specs, including the chipset, are yet to be announced. The next MWC will happen in Barcelona from Feb. 26 until Feb 29.

Source: GSMArena,  GizGuidePH