This Is What Filipinos Googled the Most In 2023

Surprisingly, none of them are NSFW related.

Google creates the annual “Year in Search” just before a year ends. It’s been four days into 2024 and there has been a lot happening since, including the tragic 7.2 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan and Steamboat Willie becoming public domain just the moment the year hit.

Here are the most searched items by Filipinos in Google in 2023, and we’re very surprised that all of them are mild. But then again, there might be filters that Google added before they posted this year in search to be safe.

Unsurprisingly, in the “News” category, SIM Registration was the top search because it forced people to register their SIM Cards when the SIM Registration Law was enforced back in October. In the “Movies” category, even though Barbenheimer, a portmanteau between Barbie and Oppenheimer, was flooding the search engine, Oppenheimer is in the lead while Barbie is in third, in place was John Wick 4.

Also, surprisingly, “KathNiel” did not make it into the top search despite several netizens searching it up when the duo broke up last November 30.

In the “sports” category, we think it’s pretty obvious that NBA playoffs are going to be the most searched, with the one in the lead being the match between Lakers and Warriors followed by “Lakers vs Nuggets”

Let’s go over the list, shall we?


  1. SIM registration
  2. precinct finder
  3. persona non grata
  4. Nipah virus
  5. War in Israel and Gaza
  6. lato-lato
  7. Typhoon Egay update
  8. Taal Volcano update
  9. Turkey earthquake
  10. MoCa Farm


  1. Lakers vs Warriors
  2. Lakers vs Nuggets
  3. FIBA World Cup
  4. Miami vs Denver
  5. Lakers vs Grizzlies
  6. Suns vs Nuggets
  7. Celtics vs 76ers
  8. Heat vs Knicks
  9. Golden State Warriors vs Kings
  10. Ginebra vs Bay Area


  1. “Oppenheimer”
  2. “John Wick: Chapter 4”
  3. “Barbie”
  4. “Insidious: The Red Door”
  5. “The Menu”
  6. “Extraction 2”
  7. “I Love Dizzy”
  8. “Evil Dead Rise”
  9. “Nowhere”
  10. “Kill Boksoon”


  1. Say You Won’t Let Go
  2. ERE
  3. Pasilyo
  4. Uhaw
  5. Lupang Hinirang English
  6. Angels Like You
  7. California King Bed
  8. Rapstar
  9. Raining In Manila
  10. Jopay

Here, the song “Ere” by Juan Karlos, is the second most searched but is the most streamed local song in Spotify and is the first Filipino song to reach the Top 100 Global chart.


  1. Blade Ball codes
  2. Delta Executor
  3. Soldier, Poet, or King quiz
  4. Cosmic Values
  5. Anime Adventures codes
  6. Farlight
  7. Choox Sega
  8. Honkai: Star Rail
  9. Minecraft 1.20
  10. Project Slayers codes

We weren’t expecting to see a Roblox game make the top list and the mainstream ones like Farlight, Honkai: Star Rail, and Minecraft to be way below. We heard little to nothing about the titles in the top 5 of the search list.


  1. “Duty After School”
  2. “Maria Clara at Ibarra”
  3. “Moving”
  4. “The Glory”
  5. “Twinkling Watermelon”
  6. “King the Land”
  7. “XO, Kitty”
  8. “The Last of Us”
  9. “My Lovely Liar”
  10. “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Lastly, Google added a new category called “Farewell” dedicated to the deceased. In this category, veteran broadcaster “Mike Enriquez” topped the search results as he had a lasting impact among Filipinos both in the past and present generations.


  1. Mike Enriquez
  2. Joey Paras
  3. Matthew Perry
  4. Andrei Sison
  5. Patrick Guzman
  6. Mario Dumaual
  7. John Regala
  8. Michael Gambon
  9. Park Soo Ryun
  10. Tina Turner

Source: Yugatech