That Was Early! Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event to Commence on January 17

Too much leaks probably caused them to just launch it now.

A few months ago, tipsters started leaking the Samsung Galaxy S24 and its Ultra variant. In those leaks, it showed renders on what appears to be an accurate and precise model of the S24 Ultra, including its colour scheme. A tipster even showed us the differences between all three models—the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and Ultra. The latter now features titanium plating, because a big-name Cupertino-based company did it. Heck, it even features oddly the same brownish colour, as with the photo above.

We decided not to post these rumors as they are being DMCA’d by Samsung. Big names such as Android Police posted it but their post was taken down a few hours after. Now that the event is becoming official, we are most likely safe posting about the new phone.

As seen above, the phones look almost identical as its predecessors but the phone’s exterior is no longer the most important part of any smartphone but rather how it runs and if it runs smoothly, as well as its telephony, photo quality, audio, and software features, including timely updates and upgrades.

Usually, the Unpacked events launch early February but it’s earlier this month.

Aside from the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung also boasted Galaxy AI which supports its wide range of products and streamline its large ecosystem. This was seen on a trailer posted all over its social media pages. The video above is a nostalgia trip showcasing how the company evolved for the past four decades, starting with its first-ever phone released in 1988.

With every new Galaxy S phone announced comes of course a new rendition of Samsung’s anthem, Over the Horizon. The popular and familiar tune has undergone a series of genres, but it follows a common theme: it’s provoking, calm, and inspiring.

In the Philippines, the event will be live on January 18, 2 am at Samsung’s YouTube channel. It will be held in San Jose, United States. You can pre-register using this link and with it, you can receive an e-voucher of up to PHP 5,000 which you can use to purchase a variety of Samsung products, possibly including the Galaxy S24 series themselves. The e-voucher is valid from January 18 to February 6 only.

Source: Samsung Philippines Newsroom