OPPO Says the A18 is “Affordability with Durability”!

It’s a beautiful-looking phone alright. However, it missed a lot of marks.

In case you missed it, Oppo has released a few more phones in the A-series just before the year ends. One of them is the Oppo A18 unveiled last November. A special review unit was also given to us by the company, so you can check that out before purchasing. We have a few things to say about it.

The phone is marketed as “affordable and durable” given its IP54 rating. It also retains the simple yet elegant “Oppo Glow” design that was introduced back in 2021. This gives Oppo’s budget phones the look of a luxurious midranger or flagship.

Aside from the IP rating (which, mind you, is a pretty expensive certification to get), the Oppo A18 also has gone through rigorous testing, amounting to 20,000 USB-C plug-in tests, 150,000 Volume Button stress tests, and 500,000 Power Button tests. These repeated tests are done to ensure resiliency, reliability, and longevity of the Oppo A18.

Oppo also guarantees a 36-month fluency, delivering a consistent performance even after three years of long-term usage.

Among other specs highlighted, is the 5000mAh battery charged via USB-C. Take our word for it, the battery is durable and long-lasting and surely lasts for at least a single day of usage and at least a week for standby time. This means the phone can be used for constant scrolling and gaming uninterrupted.

The phone is available for PHP 5,999 and is available in Oppo’s concept stores nationwide, third-party retailers, and Oppo’s Lazada and Shopee. Not just that, Oppo is preparing Christmas gifts for you to enjoy including exclusive discounts and freebies when you purchase until January 7, 2024. Bring a worthy Christmas gift to your friends and family members and make every moment count.

Again, don’t forget to check out our review to see if the Oppo A18 is a perfect fit in your wishlist.