Grand Theft Auto VI Is OUT! (In 2025). PC Release Not Mentioned.

You’re probably old enough to buy a copy yourself. No need to bring mom and dad here.

Head back to 2013 and reminisce about your childhood days. Your parents just bought you a fresh copy of GTA V because you couldn’t yet. You were 13 after all and you shouldn’t be really playing a game rated M by the ESRB (but let’s face it, we all played GTA San Andreas when we were little kiddos, despite its age rating). You had so much fun wreaking havoc throughout Los Santos and you were probably grounded after your parents overheard you swearing and they believe it’s because of the game’s influence.

One day, you will be old enough to purchase GTA VI, or maybe when it gets released just two years from GTA V’s release date, you still need to beg hard to your parents. Oh man, 10 years have passed and now you can purchase GTA VI yourself, legally! We know. We’re just as shocked because we won’t forget the time we have to beg our parents to buy. Also, can we press “F” for our fallen gaming brethren that missed out on GTA VI? COVID-19, global wars, they all are terrible.

10 years fans have waited, and 10 years Rockstar have stalled, to the point of rereleasing GTA V, which stirred anger in so many. Rockstar first revealed the development of a new GTA game around 2022. Also, as part of its 25th anniversary (which felt more like an anniversary than whatever Disney is doing), Rockstar announced that a new trailer will be released in early December. The tweet of Rockstar announcing this got viral very quickly as GTA VI becomes imminent.

Leakers ruin the fun of everything and compromise employee and company privacy. A user from GTAForums, username teapotuberhacker leaked several important game files, including maps, character models, and level layouts. This is not just your average 12-year-old trolling. In fact, Rockstar confirmed that whatever was leaked, are legitimate. So much that the police for got involved, tracked down the user, and then arrested him. Before the actual GTA VI trailer could be released, it got leaked. Forcing Rockstar to release the trailer early from its December 5 date.

The initial tweet garnered 1.1 million likes in a span of one day. The trailer also got 8.1 million likes and nearly 80 million views within less than a day! The likes broke record and is now the most liked video on YouTube. The release of the trailer, and soon, the game, marks an unfathomable event in video game history!

As expected, the game will take place in Vice City, a parody of Miami. The name is taken from Miami Vice and the original GTA Vice City is heavily based on the film. However, it appears to be even larger than what Vice City represented back in its original form as the setting appears to take place in the entire state of Florida. And, as always, Rockstar North’s humor never fails as it shows the absurdity that is the state of Florida, USA (in GTA, the state is called “Leonida”).

Aside from the wackiness and chaos of Florida (including alligators and crocodiles casually visiting convenience stores and Florida Man), it also shows the state’s car culture, the two protagonists Lucia, and an unnamed male partner. Lucia marks the first time that a GTA game has a female protagonist. Though, women like Lucia, such as Catalina, the main antagonist of GTA III and a supporting character in GTA San Andreas, appeared in previous titles.

We were awestruck by its nearly realistic graphics. That’s what 10 years of patience and development gets you. We also like the real-life references, such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Twitter (sadly now X) presented within 1-and-a-half minutes.

By the time the game’s released, we are also expecting GTA Vice City and its spinoff prequel, Vice City Stories, references, including a Tommy Vercetti outfit.

Sadly, a PC release wasn’t announced and PC users would have to wait probably until 2027. Rockstar is currently prioritizing console releases and by 2025, it will launch first on XBOX One S and PlayStation 5.