Doogee T20 Ultra, a Premium Budget Tablet, is Now in the Philippines!

PHP 14.4K. G99. 2.5K screen. You decide how good this one is.

Doogee. An ODM that sells pretty well over AliExpress, the dumpsite of substandard tech products. However, there are some good omen in there. Doogee included. Umidigi also sells well here and also allows for rebranding of some of their devices.

When Doogee returned in the Philippines, we’re somewhat shocked to know that they are bringing their tablet lineups here first, as opposed to their rugged phones. However, we do understand that. Since tablets have a much bigger market here and to catch up with the veterans, they need to establish a foothold here.

With that said, it looks like week after week, Doogee is bringing new tablets in the Philippines starting with the T10 and T20 series. We’ve discussed the portable T20 Mini, now we’re going to discuss the specs of the T20 Ultra, its larger and much more powerful sibling with an even higher resolution display!

It’s a challenge to find a picture of it online because even Doogee’s website barely appears in Google’s search results, and many other media outlets report of different tablet models. It’s a miracle we even found the website.

Anyway, the T20 Ultra features a 12-inch 2K IPS display with 60Hz refresh rate. For a price of PHP 14.4K, we expect at least 90Hz refresh rate here. Its competitors have at least that high of a refresh rate. At least it’s L1 Widevine certified so you can stream 4K HDR content on streaming sites like Netflix without restrictions.

Next, there is the design which is pretty unique we must say. According to the website, the tablet is “forged in 6-series aluminum” with “aerospace-grade material production”. The tablet does look metallic and premium so at least you’re getting the looks of a flagship.

Highlighted at the back is “Hi-Res Audio” and alongside that are the quad speakers. A pretty standard feature for tablets at this price range. Our Samsung Galaxy A8 Tab has this feature too and it’s very immersive. We’re expecting the T20 Ultra to be just as immersive as well and combined with the display resolution, makes for a worthwhile movie-viewing experience.

Speaking of the back, you can find a 16MP camera here which is a pretty nice feature because that means you can take decent photos using this large tablet. This section is where most manufacturers cost down the most so we’re impressed that Doogee did not cut down here. The front features an 8MP selfie sensor.

There is a pretty large 10,800mAh battery inside the tablet with 18W fast charging which, in reality translates closer to 10W. That means, if you charge it using a standard 10W charger, it would take an entire day for it to be full. The long-lasting battery means you have to charge the tablet less and therefore, keeps the battery from depreciating fast.

Finally, there is a MediaTek Helio G99 chipset here with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It also has 4G LTE so you can call in this massive tablet. That’s a good image to picture out in your head! There’s also dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2. It runs stock Android 13.

Doogee Philippines is yet to give us an actual price but based on our colleagues, we’re estimating a price of PHP 14,399.

Source: Doogee, GizGuidePH