There is Now an OLED version of the Steam Deck!

Nintendo: First time?

The LCD screen of your Steam Deck just not giving the proper immersive experience? Are its colours too dull? Does it get blinded by the sun even at max brightness? Worry no more, Valve introduces the OLED version of the Deck, probably because Nintendid.

Although OLED is the main highlight, it’s not the only thing that’s improved. Valve is most likely aware that users won’t just switch to the same identical Steam Deck because of the better display. There has to be more to justify its USD 549 starting price. So that’s why Valve also included a longer-lasting battery now lasting up to 12 hours, a lighter weight (lighter by 5 grams), a higher resolution at 1200x800px, 90Hz refresh rate, HDR support, 180Hz touch response rate, and a more power-efficient chipset at a small cost of raw performance. Latency is also lowered while bandwidth is increased so your gaming sessions are smoother and nearly immune to lagging, and you can download games from the Steam store at least 3x faster.

This newly improved Steam Deck is currently available for US users with two storage options: 16/512 and 16/1TB. As mentioned, the 16/512 storage option costs USD 549 (~PHP 30.7K) while the 16/1TB storage option costs USD 649 (~PHP 36.3K). It’s not yet available for us Philippine users. Stay tuned! Datablitz might be on to something.

Source: Steam Deck