The Other OnePlus Open, the OPPO Find N3, will also be Launching on October 19th

It’s actually the other way around.

On October 19th, Oppo will launch the Find N3, the same day as the OnePlus Open. This is relevant because these two phones are essentially the same. It’s like living in a parallel world where the Find N3 is available first in China and the Open available in the West. Pete Lau, one of the primary founders of OnePlus, confirmed that these two phones are identical.

There are no confirmed specs for now so we can only rely so much in the rumor mill. According to early leaks, the OnePlus Open/Find N3 would feature the “highest pixel density found on any folding display currently on the market”. The display, unfolded, measures 7.82 inches and when folded, 6.31 inches.

Of course, we are also expecting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset inside and a Sony LYTIA sensor, a new set of sensors developed specifically for smartphones. Lau claims that the hinge is 37% smaller so it’s less visible than the ones in the Find N2. Not only that, it will have fewer components so the phone would be lighter and more durable due to fewer mechanical parts used.

The OnePlus Open would feature the signature alert slider. The Find N3 will not have this.

We will let you know more of the details once both devices are out!

Source: Android Authority