Vivo Boasts its Photography Capabilities During the 19th Asian Games!

Wow, sports.

Closing Ceremony of the 19th Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games concluded in Hangzhou, China, and Vivo is excited to report to us about their involvement. They are the primary supplier of smartphones during the games.

The opening ceremony on September 23 marked the first digital ignition ceremony in the Games’ history. It is the first time that a virtual torch relay was held, showing how technology improved during these past few years.

Vivo was able to capture this historic moment exceptionally, through its professional imaging technology and advancements. Similar to how sports links humanity between time and space, Vivo is committed to bridging the gap between people and the digital world.

Its gaming division, iQoo, was also selected as the official E-Sports phone of choice. Together, the two companies elevated the Asian Games to newer heights and has shown the world its photography and gaming prowess. During the event, games such as “Arena of Valor” and “Peace Elite” were played by professional e-sports players, and iQoo devices were used to play them.

With Vivo’s imaging technology, spectators, journalists, and athletes were able to conveniently and beautifully capture the moments of the games, all with a tap on the screen. Whether it was a breathtaking milestone, loud and proud cheers from audiences watching, a Vivo device was there to capture it.

Of course, the device mentioned is the new Vivo X90, the company’s latest and greatest flagship to date (right before the X100 series are to be released). It is powered using Zeiss T-Star-coated lenses, a 50MP Primary camera with OIS, and the Vivo V2 custom ISP to bring the best algorithms possible on a smartphone.

Aside from that, the company’s Vivo X Fold2 and Flip2 were used to film the games. These phones use the same ZEISS coating on their lenses and users were able to take pictures and videos and let their creativity shine through.

And speaking of creativity, Vivo’s new “texture” colour mode lets users create 3D effects right after capturing an image with balanced saturation and colour reproduction.

Also, during the 2023 Vivo Imaging Conference last July, the company announced its upgraded V3 imaging chip which not only delivers superior camera quality and vivid colour reproduction, but also 4K “cinema-like” resolution for the first time in the X series. The chip will debut on the Vivo X100 which will be launching December this year.