The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Is Now Official!

Gotta expand that ecosystem

Aside from the Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung announced another FE product, the Galaxy Buds FE which complements the phone like bread and coffee.

These earbuds are connected using Bluetooth 5.2 and have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Bluetooth 5.2 allows for near instantaneous connection and pairing for multiple devices, so your friend can listen to one earbud on his phone and you on the other.

It also supports the standard AAC and SBC audio codecs as well as Qualcomm’s aptX audio codec for high fidelity sound. Also, the buds have a redesigned wingtip for better ear ergonomics.

The packaging includes two pairs of ear tips with different sizes (the ones inserted by default on the buds are medium-sized) and also comes with a USB-C male and female adapter. It also comes in black. There are also two different wingtips for a better fit.

The buds have a 60mAh battery while the buds have a larger 479mAh battery. According to Samsung, with the buds inside its charging case, the buds can last 21 hours with ANC activated and 30 hours without. The buds themselves last for 6 hours of usage (with ANC) or 8.5 hours without ANC.

Though it has launched, it won’t be available for purchase until October 10. Pricing and availability in the Philippines are yet to be announced.