Apple To Patch the iPhone 15’s Overheating Issue

It was about to become the next Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they can’t allow that.

After Apple’s reveal of the iPhone 15 series, buyers flocked to Apple stores to purchase the new phones. After a few days of use, they noticed that the phone suddenly overheated, going up as hot as 47°C. An analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, said that this wasn’t due to the new 3nm A17 Pro chip, but rather due to the titanium construction and poor thermal design of the new phones. Now, Apple is addressing the issue and an update is on its way to resolve it.

The new update, iOS 17.0.3, aside from the overheating issue, also addresses other reported bugs and improves security. Over the weekend, Apple confirmed the reports on social media that the new iPhones indeed get warm, so they are aware of this issue since the beginning.

The company said that this was due to a combination of factors, such as apps that aren’t properly configured or optimized, the expected first-time setup that requires a large processing and power, as well as bugs present in iOS. The issue is not related to the new titanium build that the 15 Pro and Pro Max has, and it also is unrelated to the USB-C port they just implemented.

Aside from the fix, app developers also have incoming patches that will help in optimization as well as reduce power usage.

All recent iPhones have a temperature monitor to notify users when their phones get inexplicably hot. Apple said that the increased temperature is normal when wirelessly charging, restoring a backup, and when using graphics-intensive apps. During these moments, iPhones are relatively safe for use.

Source: CNBC