Epson celebrates its 25th Anniversary! It Boasts Its Top-Notch Customer Service, Strong Performance, and Sustainability.

Hey, we actually use an Epson Printer. Who knew?

Epson, a Japanese technology and consumer electronics company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company highlighted its top customer service, strong overall market performance, and also its sustainability goals.

The renowned printer maker is currently Top 1 in Statista’s and Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Best Customer Service Survey in Home Goods and Consumer Electronics Category.

According to the brand, they have seen stable YoY growth, due to their CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) technology for their printers and projectors.

The IDC also reported that the company has a 51% market share for inkjet printers, 67% for ColorWorks printers, 36% for CAD, and 83% for photo printers. The company is continuing to enjoy a steady growth in the market. Not only that, they are also the leading brand in POS, textile, and high-brightness projectors.

This year, the company envisions they can increase their annual growth rate from 8% to 12%.

Finally, their sustainability goals are also highlighted. The brand is committed to a greener future through local and global environment preservation. This is effectively shown through their multiple projects and awards. The company has a plant here in the Philippines, located in Batangas. In 2021, this was converted to use geothermal and hydroelectric power.

Furthermore, the brand’s product lines are also designed to lower negative environmental impact through heat-free technology, which allows printers to consume less electricity, and also through the use of high-capacity ink tanks, which reduces the frequency of replacement.

Epson Philippines has also partnered with global organizations such as the WWF-WWF Philippines in an effort to address major environmental challenges in a greener future. The two alliances aim to conserve the mega biodiversity and empower local communities through programs focused on mangrove conservation and restoration, climate change reduction, and sustainable food production.