CMF by Nothing Has Released a New Smartwatch, New Earbuds, and a 65W Gallium-Nitride Charger

Started like how Nothing started. This time, it’s Nothing on a budget.

Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing, has announced a few months ago that he wanted to diversify Nothing into the budget market while the main brand will focus on innovative products and flagships. This brand is called CMF, which, even to this day, we still don’t know what that acronym means (or maybe it doesn’t have a meaning, it’s nothing deep).

There are three products announced, right on its homepage. These are the Buds Pro, Watch Pro, and a 65W GaN Charger. Even though CMF is budget-oriented, these three products have a premium vibe to it, it could be expensive as their specs suggest.


The Buds Pro features a 45dB Noise Cancellation Level, a pretty high rate that can, theoretically, effectively block noise. The buds also have a fantastic battery life as claimed, for about 11 hours with just themselves. In addition, it uses Bluetooth 5.3 so it could connect to several devices at once and have very fast pairing. It also includes six omnidirectional microphones for a very clear voice and high quality sound both from the receiving and the sending end. According to the company, there are about 20 million noise models tested to effectively filter almost all types of noise. Finally, these buds are IP54-rated so they can withstand sweat and some level of dust.

CMF said the buds could last over 39 hours, including the case. This is a very impressive feat if proven true. It comes in Orange, Dark Grey, and Light Grey.


Meanwhile, the Watch Pro is intended to be a budget smartwatch. It comes with a square body, a metallic build, and a vibrant 1.96″ 410x502px AMOLED screen. It also has Bluetooth with AI Noise Reduction and a built-in GPS. With its 196mAh battery, CMF claims it could last 13 days on regular use.

The watch also has several faces available through its CMF Watch app. The designs are based on Nothing’s signature dot matrix and comes in a variety of shapes, colours, and styles. As for those who want to use it for fitness, the smartwatch has 110 sports modes and is IP68-rated so you could swim with it and be guaranteed it won’t die out fast. Do note that an Ingress Protection rating does not mean it’s waterproof or dustproof.

And finally, like every other smartwatch, the Watch Pro comes with a variety of sensors including Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Saturation and Stress, and a Sleep Monitor. It even reminds you to drink water since you have been drinking a lot of Coke lately.

The colours of the watch are not based on its strap but based on the frame. So it comes in Metallic Grey, Grey, and Dark Grey. Though, the website listed the second colour as “Dark Grey” as well and we only listed it as “Grey” for differentiation purposes. The strap uses the same colours as the Buds Pro: Orange, Light Grey, and Dark Grey.


Finally, we have a 65W GaN charger which can charge laptops with a Power Delivery port. The charger comes in Dark Grey and features one USB 3.0 port and two USB-C ports.

You can use these three ports simultaneously. When using several devices at once, the 65W rate will be divided accordingly. So, if you use USB-C 1 + USB-A together, you can get an output of 45W and 18W respectively. Using both USB-C ports can give you 45W and 20W respectively. Finally, using the second USB-C port and the USB-A port together will give you two separate 7.5W power respectively, amounting to 15W.

The USB-A port gives a total of 36W output which is more than sufficient for many Samsung phones, iPhones, and budget phones from other brands. Meanwhile, the first USB-C port actually gives the most power. Using all three, the USB-C1 port will give you 45W of maximum power.

You can use it to charge your Nothing Phone (2), granted you have its proprietary cable. According to CMF, the Nothing Phone (2) charged from empty to 50% in just 25 minutes using the 65W USB-C port.

All three accessories are available in India but their availability in the Philippines and elsewhere are yet to be announced.

Source: CMF