Meta will Finally Let You Delete your Threads Account Without Sacrificing your Instagram

Do people still use Threads?

TechnophilePH Threads Account

Back in July, Instagram launched Threads as a rival to Twitter. It was essentially just an extension of Instagram and therefore heavily dependent on it. Five days after launch, it garnered 100 million users, the fastest number of users signed-up, defeating ChatGPT. However, after a week, the fad waned and there are less and less active accounts on the platform—mainly because it doesn’t have a lot of features at launch, including the lack of a “trending” tab. It doesn’t help that it’s blocked in Europe and it doesn’t have a PC version as of this writing. Many of those who got bored of the app wanted to remove their accounts but doing so meant removing your Instagram as well, further upsetting users.

Thankfully, Meta will now let you delete your Threads account without removing your Instagram as well. We’re also hoping that you won’t need to sign up to Instagram to use Threads. With this move, Meta might be separating Threads and Instagram fully. An integration feature would be nice though. As in, those who have Instagram already, can sign in to Threads, just as well as those who have Facebook can automatically sign in to Instagram.

Source: Engadget