You Can Still Use Maya for Apple Transactions, but There is a CATCH!

Only Mobile Numbers enrolled via Maya are unavailable. You can still use your card.

Apple has sent an e-mail to PayMaya (now just Maya) users that they won’t be able to use Maya as a mode of payment starting August 15. However, that’s just one part of the story and this is still developing.

Above is the e-mail that was sent to users who connected their Maya account through their Apple account. Our colleagues from Gadget Pilipinas got in touch with Paymaya to clarify the matter. According to their update, this notice only applies to mobile numbers enrolled on Maya. Users can still use their Maya Account Number (virtual and physical) to pay for Apple services and microtransactions.

The Response of Maya to Gadget Pilipinas regarding the Apple Transaction Issue

Maya also clarified that they will “work on improvements” while the mobile number function is disabled. So calm down, it’s not an issue between two companies, but rather just maintenance. Enjoy your shopping, fellow techies!

Source: Gadget Pilipinas