IEEE Introduces the New Li-Fi Standard! It is 100x FASTER than Wi-Fi!

Connect through the light.

Pictured: OnePlus Nord 3 connected through a Wi-Fi Network

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) introduced a new of transmitting data that is essentially an upgrade to Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). It’s called Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) and it transmits data through ultraviolet light. It is said to transmit data 100x faster than Wi-Fi!

This uses the 802.11bb standard as opposed to the 802.11ac used by Wi-Fi. The advantage of using light to transmit data over conventional airwaves, as its proponents claim, is that it’s more reliable and significantly more secure. There is currently much research going on to ensure that Wi-Fi and Li-Fi work interoperably.

While this is an upgrade, Wi-Fi and 5G won’t be going anywhere as it is still the standard used by practically any device connected to the internet. This is a very new technology that needs more time to be widescale, as with everything else. Possibly, 6G could be developed and Li-Fi is still maturing.

One big name in the industry of Li-Fi, pureLIFI, has already prepared the necessary equipment, such as the Light Antenna ONE module, to work with Li-Fi. This is a 14.5mm long component that is still being tested and evaluated by OEMs. Li-Fi also has a much larger bandwidth than Wi-Fi so it is less likely to be congested. This makes connections consistent and fast. Consistency remains an issue for Wi-Fi as well as ISPs. If there are several devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network at once, it will divide the bandwidth which yields slower connectivity.

Expect to see Li-Fi-powered devices by MWC 2024 which will happen in February.

Source: Tom’s Hardware