Accidental Termination? CNN Philippines’ YouTube Channel is Gone

Copyright Infringement? That’s a red flag.

YouTube has taken down CNN Philippines’ YouTube Channel after it violated copyright infringement rules. On YouTube, another user could report you for infringing their copyrighted material and the algorithm would take this as gospel. Of course you can appeal but that process can take forever.

CNN Philippines is nowhere to be seen here

To recall, YouTube has also taken down all channels related to Apollo Quiboloy specifically after Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers called him out. The case is different for CNN Philippines as that channel has nothing to do with Quiboloy or his cult.

CNN is yet to comment on the matter but you won’t find any videos of them right now. It is highly possible that someone is abusing the algorithm leading to false strikes. This happens to a lot of other YouTubers too.