Smart Launches its E-SIM Platform. The First E-SIM Card in the Philippines!

Well hey now. You can have two SIM Cards in your iPhones.

Smart has officially brought the country’s first Prepaid E-SIM, though surprisingly, quietly despite it being a big feat for the Philippine Market. As the name suggests, it works similarly to your regular prepaid SIM but the number is embedded digitally into your phone, as opposed to inserting the SIM Card.

This feature is handy for Single SIM phones, or phones that are designed with E-SIM in mind, such as the Pixel 7 or newer iPhone models. Spotted first in the Philippine iOS Facebook Group, users who bought the SIM said a new number will be provided. This means you cannot use your physical number’s SIM for this and therefore, requires users to register it again. You can do so over at

You can buy your choice of E-SIM over at Lazada, Shopee, your local Smart Store, or at an airport kiosk.

Source: Smart