The Narzo 60 series is a Refreshed Realme 11 Series.

Down to the design and vegan leather stitching.

Narzo announced its new flagship line succeeding the 50 series. These are the 60 and 60 Pro 5G. The promotional materials and phone itself look familiar (and not because it looks like a certain HONOR phone).

A month ago, just after a few months when the Realme 10 series was launched, the company announced the Realme 11 sporting a rather all-new design featuring a circular camera bump. This is the first phone in the series to feature vegan leather in all its colour options. The orange one is the main highlight. Narzo calls this “Martian Horizon Design”.

Now, going back to the Narzo 60, the phone features a vegan leather design, a rounded camera bump and a main orange colour. The Narzo 60 series is a Narzo-fied Realme 11 and 11 Pro, just like how the 50 series were Narzo-fied Realme 9 phones.

The Narzo 60 uses the same MediaTek Dimensity 6020 (Dimensity 700) chipset as the Realme 11. If you aren’t aware, Realme split off Narzo as a way to sell affordable premium devices while the main company could focus on making a much more luxurious experience. With the Narzo 60 announced, it looks like they’re going for an upgrade. We do expect that the Narzo 60 series will be more affordable than the main Realme 11 series. By the way, that series has not arrived yet in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Narzo 60 Pro takes the body of the Realme 11 Pro with the same internals and spec sheet, including the 100MP camera, Sunrise Beige colour, and a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 (Dimensity 1300) chipset. These phones would launch first in India and we believe Realme is making a more affordable version because of the record-breaking success that the Realme 11 series have in the country, dominating the INR20K segment in Flipkart. This is a great strategy for those that want the Realme 11 experience but couldn’t afford it.

It will launch on July 6 possibly with some slight modifications of the Realme 11 series but everything else would remain the same.

We’re also not sure yet if Realme is planning to launch both the Realme 11 series and Narzo 60 series in the Philippines.

Source: GSMArena