Triple Kill! Vivo Also Closes Its Doors in Germany.

BBK just lost its patent battles against Nokia.

Photo: Vivo V27

Nokia previously declared war against BBK Electronics. In particular, Oppo and OnePlus, after it accused them of infringing patents relating to WLAN connections. Unfortunately for BBK, it was a lost battle because the regional court in Germany ruled in favour of Nokia, forcing Oppo and OnePlus to halt their sales in the country. Oppo announced that it had no plans to leave the country but their future there is currently unknown. As of today, June 2023, the OPPO Germany website remains empty.

Vivo only survived this long because the company is technically split from Oppo. Realme has no presence yet in Germany so, for now, they are safe. When you visit the German Vivo website now, it will show a “devices currently unavailable” error. However, existing Vivo phones would still receive customer service and software updates.

Source: Android Authority