MediaTek introduces Dimensity Auto for smart vehicles!

Qualcomm is in it, of course, MediaTek wants a piece of it too

Cars are getting smarter as technology evolves. Sophisticated tech such as infotainment systems, parking sensors, and sudden-stop brakes are not so common in early 2000s cars versus now. These things are regulated by similarly sophisticated chipsets, and MediaTek has shown us what their new Dimensity Auto can do

According to MediaTek’s press release, Dimensity Auto is “designed to provide automakers with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies needed for the future of intelligent, always-connected vehicles.” These cutting-edge technologies include [Dimensity Auto] Cockpit, Connect, Drive, and Components.

This automotive platform is part of MediaTek’s comprehensive roadmap to be available in a wide array of platforms, not just limited to home appliances and smartphones. Like developments created for those aforementioned platforms, Dimensity Auto also features the company’s industry-leading AI technology, impressive energy efficiency, all while meeting automotive-grade reliability standards.

“With the Dimensity Auto platform solutions, we are extending MediaTek’s technological advantages in the automotive segment to the next level,” said Jerry Yu, Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of CCM Business Group. “Our goal is to leverage decades of expertise across several categories in technology to deliver the smart life on wheels, as we work together with the world’s top automotive brands to create a more intuitive, immersive, safe, and comfortable driving experience.”

Starting first with Cockpit

Dimensity Auto Cockpit

This feature is designed for infotainment purposes just like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Dimensity Auto Cockpit is designed to be the world’s fastest smart cockpit and even delivers an advanced 3nm process which is yet to be seen on smartphones. Other notable features include:

  • A complete portfolio of solutions with hardware and software scalability 
  • MediaTek’s high-performance AI multi-processors, equipped with both deep learning accelerator (MDLA) and vision processing unit (MVPU) 
  • MediaTek MiraVision smart display technology, supporting multiple displays and up to 8K 120Hz screens in HDR 
  • Support for multiple HDR cameras and dedicated DSP for microphone audio processing 
  • Full suite of entertainment streaming and decoding, taking advantage of MediaTek’s extensive 
  • expertise in computing and multimedia 
  • Fast boot time 

Dimensity Auto Connect

In our modern Information-Era world, the internet is closer to being a necessity than it is a luxury, and vehicles are slowly adapting from this. With that in mind, Dimensity Auto Connect brings 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity right into your car, delivering the same excellent connectivity and reliability as those with handheld devices, computers, and TVs.

  • Cutting-edge automotive communication technologies based on 3GPP open standards, including MediaTek 5G NTN technology, 5G RedCap for better performance than 4G, and more 
  • 5G Sub-6GHz with Carrier Aggregation technology for extended range and multi-gigabit data speeds 
  • Wi-Fi 7, equipped with MediaTek’s unique hardware offload technology to save CPU computing resources 
  • Supports high interoperability and coexistence of multiple wireless network standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G 
  • Comprehensive GNSS coverage for more accurate positioning 

Dimensity Auto Drive and Components

This dimension of Dimensity Auto concerns about AI and other smart assist features. This means Dimensity Auto uses the same top-tier APUs as those found on TVs and smartphones while also optimized for use on vehicles.

It also supports ADAS Solutions and provides manufacturers with a comprehensive open platform to further provide them with intelligent assist and autonomous driving solutions.

Meanwhile, Auto Components provides components for automotive-grade chipsets and stand-alone components that are up-to-date, and so to adapt to newer and even more comprehensive AI solutions.

  • Striving for better power management solutions while driving 
  • Support for advanced integrated display technology paves the way for flexible OLED screens and large-screen, multi-display options for new EV units 
  • Determining the positioning and navigation of your vehicle, even in underground parking structures, tunnels and other satellite dead zones 

With these main arms of Dimensity Auto, MediaTek is committed to being the leader of comprehensive AI solutions for a wide array of manufacturers, not just limited to IoT devices and phones but also in the automotive industry. Its human-centric approach to product development will help the company provide reliable, high-performance, and innately efficient chipsets and it will work cooperatively with leading manufacturers worldwide that will revolutionize always-connected intelligent vehicle systems.

You may learn more at MediaTek’s website