Vivo gives you great vacation tips to enjoy your Summer!

It’s boiling right now, but you can go outside, touch some grass, and swim with friends!

It’s the middle of April and you know what that means? It’s finally summer! Woohoo! For those who are already in vacation (trust us, we aren’t), Vivo is actively telling you some of their wisdom to further enjoy your summer vacation… and to enjoy it as well with the trusty pocket studio, the Vivo V27 series!

Switch out your cardigans and hot coffee for swimsuits and halo-halo because the raging hot season is officially here! Another year, another summer. People are coming out of their caves and are more persistent than ever to book their summer getaways.

Whether you’re going out of town, out of the country or simply out of the house away from your deadlines, remember to bring everything that you need to keep you cool this dry season and help you capture every special moment of your outing. Here are the summer essentials you should include in your next summer itinerary!

Wear the outfit that gives out true summer vibes!

You don’t want to be looking so daft now. Wearing your best and lightest clothing ensures that you stay cool under the summer heat! With the blazing hot sun, a couple of shirts and pants or shorts won’t be enough—not when everyone else is showing off their best summer pics and fits online.

What’s that? You’re off to the beach? Well then, don’t forget your most slay swimsuit and cover-up for those photos you’re definitely going to take. Picnic at sunset with your loved one? Pack a maxi dress to match the romantic vibe. Whatever your summer plans are, be sure you have the best fits that will bring out your best aura each time.

Pack your skincare essentials

Did you know that sunburns are one of the leading causes of skin disease? With the sun very close to your house, it is best to carry skincare essentials like sunblock to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, especially when you’re swimming by the beachside. It’s great to tan, but it’s also critical to think about your own safety. Don’t let those scars ruin your vacation and your attractive and beautiful skin.

You must carry equipment too such as sunhats, umbrellas, towels, and shades so you can gear up and be ready to fight the final boss… the scorching sunlight

Bring your hydro homies to your trip

Water is a need, especially during the summer. Swimming and hiking cost massive amounts of energy so you need to rehydrate yourself frequently, plus the hot gaze of the sun makes you thirstier. Always remember to bring a large cold Tumbler on every journey you go. Always be hydrated, homies.

Save those moments with a reliable camera

Summer vacations are never complete without taking tons of snaps for your ‘Gram. It also isn’t complete without doing that daily vlog for your TikTok grind! Having a reliable and easy-to-carry camera with you, such as a mirrorless camera, is one sure way to fulfil your summer getaway. Another way is by using a smartphone as they not only take pictures and videos but also allow you to post them immediately to your social media pages. What’s great is that the Vivo V27 perfectly fits that description! A smartphone that has the power of the DSLR? Best of both worlds! Who doesn’t want that?

Also, the Vivo V27 comes with an efficient price of just Php 24,999 which is significantly less than your most mainstream mirrorless camera or DSLR! This phone comes with an aura ring light which can make you look like a model in the next fashion magazine! Create professional-looking portrait shots with this ingenious flashlight.

Not only that, Vivo took significant steps to truly make the best camera experience, going so far as to modify the Sony IMX766 so that colour reproduction and dynamic range are balanced, like everything you must do in life. Here, it’s called the IMX766V. It integrates the best things about the aforementioned sensor such as the 50MP resolution, EIS, and OIS all while improving its photo-taking capabilities.

Of course, there are times after the exhausting play at the beach or you’re just at home, you wanna cool off by playing some games. Thankfully, the Vivo V27 is packed to the brim with performance. It uses the MediaTek Dimensity 7200, one of the newest chipsets in MediaTek’s portfolio. This comes with an efficient 4nm process that is taken directly from the flagship Dimensity 9000 line. Imagine that, flagship-like performance at an efficient price!

If the Vivo V27 is a little too pricey for you, no worries, the Vivo V27e takes the same aura ring performance as the Vivo V27 and can also take decent pictures so it’s a pretty great snapper wherever you are, even during summer getaways at the beach! This one is priced only at Php 16,999. If you’re wondering, yes, stabilization is still an option with the Vivo V27e.

Summer only comes once a year and ends within three months so let’s not waste it. Cherish the moments with a smartphone that’s not only great at pictures and video but also a great companion when gaming or simply browsing the web. Take these tips to make the most out of your summer!