JUST IN: Realme 10 series to receive 3 years of software upgrades!

Just like Narzo, Realme is committed to keeping your phone for longer!

Realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola Edition

After Narzo’s announcement, its parent company, Realme, also announced major software upgrades for its Realme 10 line, allowing the phones to be more practical for their already attractive price. Software upgrades turn phones into an investment that many casual users could keep for longer periods.

There are three smartphones in the series that will receive it: the Realme 10, Realme 10 Pro 5G (including Coca-Cola edition), and Realme 10 Pro+ 5G.

Previously, Realme followed only the mandated 2 years of updates for its entry-level and midrange handsets. Now it’s actually close to flagship levels. Its parent company, Oppo, as well as sister company OnePlus, are committing to four years of security updates for flagship handsets. That’s only one year apart.

Other brands like Samsung and Nokia are also very consistent lately with their handsets, even with their budget and midrange lineups.

We’re hoping more brands would follow suit as updates keep phones fresh and safe from malware attacks.