This OnePlus 11 Concept has a cool light strip at the back

OnePlus has copied nothing in particular.

OnePlus and many other brands are preparing for the next showcase event in Europe: MWC Barcelona 2023 which will happen next week. One of the first things gave a sneak peek for is a modified OnePlus 11 with light strips.

This light strip runs all over the phone’s back. Similar to the Nothing Phone (1) which funnily enough, was founded by Carl Pei, who was one of the co-founders of OnePlus before he left. OnePlus did not mention anything yet whether these lights are for mere aesthetics or it serves another function. We’ll just have to wait next week to find out.

OnePlus described the light strips as similar to “blood vessels”. “The images show the engineering breakthroughs of the OnePlus 11 Concept by highlighting the icy blue pipelines which run through the entire back of the phone, almost like OnePlus 11 Concept has its own series of blood vessels. OnePlus 11 Concept’s pipelines are housed inside a bold and futuristic unibody glass design inspired by the calm stillness and vast power of a glacial lake.” OnePlus said in a statement.

The company even showcased a teaser video for the OnePlus 11 Concept. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, said that this concept would have an “industry-first” feature but did not specify which.

This is not the first time OnePlus revealed a concept phone. The first one was the Concept One which featured a leather design and colour-changing glass. This colour-shifting glass technology allows the phone to have an “invisible camera” and gives a glimpse of how future smartphones should be designed. It was first unveiled at CES 2020.

Source: GSMArena