The MediaTek Helio G36 is a weaker Helio G37

That’s about it. It’s about 100MHz slower but that’s it.

MediaTek “released” a “new” chipset called the Helio G36 intended for budget phones. It’s a G37 with a weaker 100MHz clock for the Cortex-A53 core. The company justified this weaker clock setting by saying it saves battery life.

It uses the same architecture, cores, and other internal components namely, eight Cortex-A53 cores four of which are efficiency cores clocked at 1.8GHz. Because of that, the Helio G36 is also manufactured on a 12nm process.

The Helio G37 made its first appearance on the Moto G22 but we don’t know yet which phone would use the Helio G36.

Source: MediaTek