Twitter silently drops its $8 verification plan

The megalomaniac memester Elon realized this is not helping anyone

After Elon’s buyout of Twitter, the company started offering $8 subscription to get a shiny blue tick. You know, the verification mark to determine whether an account is officially from a business, a celebrity, a government official or office, and other globally influential people? When that happened, several fake accounts started appearing with this blue tick, mimicking the original account. Because the mark is used to signify legitimacy, this method allowed troll and fake accounts to pose as if it was tweeted from a legitimate source.

Due to the feedback it received, and Twitter’s initial reply of adding a grey tick with “official” written below it, it was quietly removed. Twitter got very chaotic and messy during that run that it caused Elon to have no choice but to remove it entirely. It was an unnecessary thing to do anyway.

“Basically, tricking people is not OK,” Musk tweeted. Users also reported that the option to pay $7.99 a month for a blue tick mark disappeared. While those who are legitimately verified had their blue ticks reinstated, and those who paid got their tick marks removed.

As Elon fired several of Twitter’s actually competent executives, the company has no communications department. Right now, paid verification is gone but it may come back soon, as soon as this chaos has ended and we have no idea when is that coming.

While several popular celebrities as well as Twitter’s executives continue walking out, Musk, in his own delusion, said everything is fine as the number of log-in rates soared very highly at a continuous rate.

Source: Ars Technica