Struggling to use a Huawei phone because it has no Google services? GBox is the answer to all your problems

Best of all, it needs no root!

GBox Homepage

HarmonyOS is an operating system from Huawei based on Android. Which means it can natively support APKs. However, this does not come with Google services which, for many users, are heavily dependent on. For schools like Google Classroom, or e-mails like G-Mail, as well as YouTube. It’s pretty hard to do it on a Huawei phone. Thankfully, there is now an easy solution.

The solution is called GBox or Google Box for short. The current version, version 1.3.6 comes with Google Play, Google app, YouTube, and even Whatsapp and Uber. To download it, simply follow these steps. The app was developed in Singapore by Virtual Cube PTE. LTD.


  • Download GBox through this link
  • Install it on your Huawei phone. If you have downloaded it through a PC, you have to connect your phone to the PC and then paste it in an easy-to-access folder.
  • Accept all agreements and then allow every permission it asks. Don’t worry, it’s safe and legitimate
  • Once downloaded, open the app to access the Play Store, GMail, YouTube, etc.

As mentioned, the app is an easy-to-install APK file so it will also work for normal Android devices, although this will be redundant because they already use Google services.

A Huawei Mate 50 Pro with GBox installed. Courtesy of GizGuidePH

According to some of our colleagues that have tried it, the app works smoothly as if Huawei is no longer on USA’s blacklist. It has several baked in features including Google Calendar and Assistant. Sheets, Docs, Classroom, Maps, and Lens are also available for access. All in a simple download and install method.

We’re hoping this easy method would also make Huawei phones viable for purchase again. However, as long they couldn’t access 5G frameworks, their sales would still be highly limiting.

To recall, one of the last Huawei phones with Google services is the Huawei P30 Pro, released in 2019.