AT A GLANCE: 3 weeks with the Wiko T50

At a Glance” is the new name for our first impressions. It’s going to be a full series

We got the Wiko T50 back on October 11th. It’s the 1st of November already, it’s all Saints Day, and within three weeks of use, the phone is a marvel to use.

The Wiko T50 has a glossy back and comes with “Elegant French Aesthetics” as Wiko originated in France, making it one of the very few European companies to ever hit the Philippine smartphone market. Although the company is owned by Chinese smartphone designer, Tinno Mobile.

There are two colours to choose from: Midnight Black and Emerald Green. Outside of the Philippines, there’s also a Lively Pink colour option. I personally don’t like glossy designs as they make anything look cheap and here, it shows that the phone is also a fingerprint magnet. However, we do get it that the company is trying to mimic glass.

We honestly like the simplistic camera hump at the back that complements well with the rest of the rounded body design. It just feels so “Tinno-like”. It is also something companies like Huawei would use. There’s a twin called the Nova 10Z which features a Kirin 710A chipset instead.

The Wiko T50 features a 6.6in. FHD+ (2400x1080px) IPS LCD screen with, unfortunately, only 60Hz refresh rate. What’s amazing about this display is that it has 94.58% coverage as claimed by Wiko and so, it features very minimal bezels that make it quite immersive whenever you play or watch movies. It makes the screen so much bigger than it actually is!

On the performance side of things, the Wiko T50 features the popular MediaTek Helio G85 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The phone also has a hybrid SIM slot which means you can choose between 2 SIM Cards or 1 SIM Card + 1 MicroSD card combo. The phone sells for Php 10,990 which is expensive for a phone using a Helio G85 chipset as this is now seen in more affordable devices. The phone runs Stock Android 11 and we love stock Android.

It has a 4000mAh battery with 40W fast charging which is rarely heard of in a budget phone. In theory, this charging speed with the given capacity should charge really fast. Let’s see how it really performs in our actual review

In conclusion, we really love the design of the phone. From the tall, rounded, nearly bezel-less display, to the Stock Android experience, this phone feels like a phone suited for a broad audience. It really does feel like an elegant Frenchman designed it, despite it being owned by a Chinese company.

We’ll let you know more about the phone in our highly detailed review! Stay tuned, fellow techies!