CONFIRMED: Disney Plus to arrive in the Philippines on 17th November

Yes because clearly, we need more streaming services

The immoral and hypocritical monopoly Disney, has announced to make their streaming service, Disney+ available to the Philippines on November 17th. The streaming service would also include exclusivities as well as shows and movies from their other divisions, like Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm.

In addition to international content, users would also be able to enjoy a growing library of Asian and regional content such as K-dramas, under the Star brand.

As Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox, though not without controversy, you can now also enjoy exclusive content made by the studio, including Family Guy and The Simpsons.

For now, Disney+ offers both the Mobile and Premium subscription plans. Mobile starts at Php 159 monthly or Php 1,150 yearly. Meanwhile, the Premium plan starts at Php 369 monthly or Php 2,950 monthly. Disney is yet to state the differences between the two.

Disney+ is available in a wide array of platforms, including Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV (both HD and 4K), Android, and iOS. Globe is also offering a Disney Plus subscription once the streaming service is available. It is available via the GlobeOne app. They would be the first telco to offer the service to Filipinos nationwide.

We’ll let you know more soon once the streaming service is available. Which means Netflix is dead as it loses IPs.