8.8 MEGA FLASH SALE! Get up to 56% off on selected Oppo products

Plus vouchers, exciting freebies, and other worthy deals that won’t break the bank!

Oh boy, August has started. You know what that means? MEGA SALES! If you had set up plans to purchase smartphones and other devices, 8.8 is the best time. Every company has multiple deals and discounts set up during this one-day event. Or you can wait for 9.9 if you couldn’t afford it right now.

If you can afford items this coming 8.8, then Oppo has deals for you, fellow technophiles! Users who purchase on Oppo’s Lazada and Shopee can avail of up to 56% off on 8.8, alongside vouchers including exclusive free shipping vouchers capped at Php50 and Php55 respectively, if you spend a minimum of Php500, that is.

Also, spend a minimum of Php9,999 to avail of a Php200 discount voucher, or spend a minimum of Php14,999 to get a sweet Php400 off your purchase.

For Lazada users, alongside the Php50 shipping discount voucher, you can also avail of a 10% cashback if you meet the Php500 spending criteria.

As for the freebies, it depends on what device or item you would purchase. For instance, if you purchase the Oppo A55, a budget phone, you can avail of a free A8 long Bluetooth speaker. However you must buy the phone within the day from 9 PM to 11:59 PM only, so don’t think, just buy!

For every smartphone purchase, you can receive a free pair of G25 Bluetooth earphones. Other freebies include a 32GB MicroSD card for every purchase of the Oppo A16 and a free Neon Island desk pad for all Reno6 phones within the same series. Every purchase of any Reno7 series phone lets you avail of two items, which are the Neon Island desk pad mentioned earlier alongside the A8 Bluetooth speaker that is limited for the Oppo A55.

What’s not limited to the Oppo A55 is that for every purchase of the phone at any given moment within the 8.8 period, users can receive a free TG113 Bluetooth speaker.

Watch out too as Oppo is also live streaming on TikTok from August 7-10! There may be extra flash deals that you surely don’t want to miss alongside giveaways. The live stream will start on August 7 from 2PM to 9PM, August 8 from 11AM to 9PM, August 9 from 11AM to 7PM, and will end on August 10 from 11AM to 7PM.

One last thing to wrap it up. Watch out for Oppo’s amazing bundle deals which only come once every month. Refer to the table below for the bundle deals.

Oppo Band and Enco BudsAugust 8-12Php 1,999
Oppo A55 and Enco BudsAugust 8-12Php 9,499
Oppo A94 and Enco BudsAugust 8-12Php 11,999
Oppo Reno5 and Enco BudsAugust 8-12Php 15,999
Oppo Reno5 5G and Enco BudsAugust 8-12Php 19,999

Again, these offers are available on Oppo’s Shopee and Lazada. You have a week to plan things out and start shopping! Don’t delay or you’ll surely be finishing last place and you need to wait another month before these deals start popping up again!