Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Paypal,, and others, are banned in Indonesia

New policies… Completely democratic.

Several users have reported on social media sites, most notably, Reddit, that Steam can no longer be accessed in Indonesia. Team Secret has also notified its fans about the situation. It wasn’t just Steam though. Many other gaming platforms such as and Epic Games, as well as banking companies like PayPal also got banned.

According to a comment from Reddit, the reason why Steam and many others got banned in Indonesia was due to a new policy the country has implemented. Internet companies now have to be required to be registered in Indonesia. This official government link shows every internet and tech company registered within the country. If the aforementioned currently banned companies are registered in Indonesia, the ban may get lifted.

This came from a comment on Reddit so it’s not entirely reliable. The real cause of the ban is still unknown and this is still a developing story. We’ll let you know once we hear more of it.

Source: Reddit