Huawei to reveal HarmonyOS 3 along with new Mate phones

Evident by the “Harmony and his mates” event name

While Huawei may no longer be the top dog and is now fading into obscurity, that doesn’t mean they still couldn’t do great things. Heck, even Meizu, a name so forgotten, can still make flagship phones. The company will also soon be taken over by car manufacturer Geely.

Going back to Huawei, the company will be launching an event exactly a week from now, at 19:30 China Standard time (same time in the Philippines). Due to the name, the event will cover several things aside from HarmonyOS, which includes a series of electronics under the Mate series. These could be a foldable, a regular flagship phone, a tablet, and others.

Going over to the Chinese website, it appears that this event is going to be huge. It will present an electric car prototype, a new smartwatch (Huawei Watch GT3 Pro), and the MateBook 16S, a 16in. notebook.

HarmonyOS 2.0 was launched last year. Global users got an EMUI-based HarmonyOS while the stand-alone operating system never left China, so the same thing might happen here with HarmonyOS 3.0.

The event will initiate on July 27th, 7:30PM Philippine Standard Time. It is the same time as in Beijing, China.

Source: Huawei (in Chinese) via FoneArena