Transferring from BPI to GCash is free to both the BPI Mobile app and the GCash App. Here’s how you do it.

Take note that transfers from GCASH to BPI still have a transaction fee.

With the prices of everything skyrocketing, families have to find an easy way to transfer money as soon as they can, before inflation starts ballooning again. However, even this can be an inconvenience as most have a transfer fee. BPI has announced that transfers from the BPI Mobile app to GCASH, and vice versa, are free. Below are the steps you need to do to start


STEP 1: On the BPI Mobile app, tap the menu located in the top left corner

STEP 2: On the menu that opens, tap the “Payments/Load” option to expand its submenus. Underneath it, you can find the “Load E-Wallets” option. Select this and follow the next step.

STEP 3: In the “Load From” step, select the BPI account you want to transfer funds from. After that, the “Select E-Wallet” option would let you choose e-wallets. Select GCASH from the list. Take note that you may have it unenrolled. This is okay, just select it from the list

STEP 4: After selecting the appropriate account and e-wallet, it will ask for a reference number. This reference number is actually the mobile number you’ve enrolled in GCASH. Type the mobile number you wish to transfer in the space. You can actually add notes or a description, but this is all up to you as it is optional.

STEP 5: When done, double-check for any misplaced or misspelled details and tap “next”. Once you press this button, a confirmation screen will appear. Again, double-check for any missing details and then tap “confirm”. After that, the GCASH wallet you’ve transferred from should have the funds, if not, wait for 48 hours to see if it got processed.


On GCASH, there are actually fewer steps to take to transfer money.

STEP 1: After signing in, on the home screen, tap on the “Cash In” option. Remember to link your BPI account to GCash before doing so. If not, then GCASH will show you a prompt saying that you have not enrolled in your BPI account yet.

STEP 1B (for non-enrolled accounts): If your account is not enrolled yet, simply login to your BPI account to enroll, after that, a screen will notify you that your BPI account is now enrolled

STEP 2: On the next screen, you will see several options such as OTC (over-the-counter) and Online Banks. In the “Online Banks” section, select BPI. Ours is already linked so if your account is linked, you will see it on the very top. If not, refer to Step 1B.

STEP 3: After enrolling your BPI account, enter the amount you want to be transferred and then select an enrolled BPI account. In this case, the one you signed in earlier.

STEP 4: Confirm the amount you want to be transferred. The app may still tell you that there might be charges incurred after transferring, ignore it since this time, it’s for free. After verifying the amount is correct, press confirm.

STEP 5: Two authentication screens will appear. The first will ask you to confirm whether the mobile number you’ve used for GCASH is correct. Simply press “Send Code”. Finally, the second screen will ask you to input the six-digit code that was sent to you by GCASH through this number. When you receive it, type the code in the space given and then press “Submit”.

That’s it, you should be able to receive the funds almost immediately. Keep in mind that transferring money from GCASH to BPI will still have a transaction fee. We’re hoping that the two companies in the future would also omit this transaction fee since both are owned by the same parent company, Ayala Corporation.

Source: BPI