Kingston’s DDR5 FURY Beast RAM is now in the Philippines. It comes with RGB lighting.

You can tell it’s for gamers thanks to the colour-changing RGB lights.

Kingston has released an updated version of the Fury Beast RAM. This time, it’s based on a 32-bit DDR5 channel and has improved efficiencies, overclocking, and frequencies.

The sticks feature Intel XMP 3.0 integration that helps aid in pre-optimized timings, speed, overclocking, and saving user profiles through a programmable PMIC. They are also qualified by the most trusted motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte. Its frequencies start at 4800MT/s.

The True-RGB lighting can be adjusted using the Fury CTRL program. The lights sync through Kingston’s Infrared Sync technology.

The 8GB 4800MT/s RAM is available at Php 3,795. Meanwhile, the most powerful variant, the 64GB 6000MT/s is available for Php 27,257.50 although you get two sticks of them. These are available in Lazada and Shopee.

Source: Kingston