Thanks to Globe’s partnership with Crunchyroll, you can now access Crunchyroll Premium through Globe One or GCASH for as low as Php399!

Could this lessen anime piracy? We’re not really sure.

A few months ago, Globe has announced a partnership with Crunchyroll. This is long-awaited by many anime fans as it’s one of the only ways to watch anime legally. Through GCASH and Globe One, users can finally access Crunchyroll Premium for as low as Php399 monthly, ad-free!

There are three tiers for the Crunchyroll plan, starting with the basic Fan Access (CRFAN) which you need to pay Php399 monthly for ad-free access. After that comes the Mega Fan Access (CRMEGAFAN) allowing you to access 1 month of ad-free watching plus the ability to watch offline and save four concurrent streams. Finally, you have the most expensive Annual Fan Access (CR1YEAR) which allows you to pay annually for ad-free videos plus the benefits given by the Mega Fan Access. The code names aren’t the best really.

Users can message the codes (CRFAN, CRMEGAFAN, CR1YEAR) to 8080 to purchase vouchers for Crunchyroll Premium via SMS. All Globe Postpaid and Globe Prepaid users are eligible.

That’s not all! Globe is also giving you extra 25GB data if you sign up for any Go+ promotions and select GoANIME from the offers. This data allows you to stream anime content, most of which is 25 minutes long.

Follow these steps to access Crunchyroll Premium!


  1. Sign in to GCASH and select “Buy Load”.
  2. Choose “Lifestyle Load” from the list
  3. Tap “Shop Lifestyle”
  4. Enter a mobile number where you want it paid and then press Next
  5. Choose Daily Deals
  6. From there, you can select “Crunchyroll Premium”

VIA GlobeONE App

  1. Go to Offers>Lifestyle
  2. Select your preferred Crunchyroll Access Plan
  3. After selecting, wait for the SMS voucher and link to arrive

Source: Globe