“Nothing” will officially arrive in the Philippines via Digital Walker and Beyond the Box!

Something is coming, and it’s Nothing!

Nothing, a startup by former founder of OnePlus Carl Pei, has announced its arrival in the Philippines through the company’s first-ever product, the Nothing Ear (1). It is a pair of transparent earphones that was said by many reviewers to be nothing special, just like how NothingOS feels like. (psst, we actually have a video coming up on that, so stay tuned!).

The earphones are designed as minimalist as possible, as it is the company’s main philosophy. The company is designed around the principles of “nothingness”, hence the name. Even their website is as clean or as empty, depending on how you view it.

The announcement was made by Digital Walker and Beyond the Box head Charles Paw. Though, he has not yet announced the official prices or the release date of said earphones.

To recall, the Nothing Ear (1) is a pair of transparent TWS earphones made in collaboration with Teenage Engineering. The transparency of the earphones is intended to boast the craftsmanship of the earphones both inside and out, which includes the LED-it Nothing logo. It has an 11.6mm audio driver modified for enhanced bass, mids, and highs. It is coupled with Active Noise Cancellation so that only your voice can be heard where noise is present, such as on a busy street.

The earphones also use Clear Voice Technology and also has three high-definition microphones so that your voice will come out as pure and as clear as possible. This is an AI-based technology where advanced algorithms use a million voice and sound combinations to isolate and amplify your voice, even with winds as fast as 48km/h, as claimed by the company.

The Nothing Ear (1)’s battery has an average life of up to 34 hours before needing to charge again. With ANC activated, the earphones can potentially last up to 24 hours.

To give you an idea, the earphones sell in the United States for USD 99, or about Php5.2K converted directly.

Source: GizGuide, Nothing