Converge’s FiberX 1500 has been updated from 50Mbps to 100Mbps!

But also, read the fine print. Do not expect to get a guaranteed 100Mbps speed because it will sound like a letdown

Converge has recently updated their basic Fiber internet plan to have a larger speed capacity of 100Mbps. However, we have seen numerous reports of Converge giving less than the expected speeds, so there are numerous complaints of their internet being terribly slow when this is not the case.

Reading the fine print certainly helps. If you scroll down a little more, you can see some of the catches you will get if you apply to any of the three plans (FiberX 1500, FiberX 2500, and FiberX 3500). Since you’re getting a 30% minimum speed, expect that you will get a minimum of 30mbps. Also, you only get about 80% service reliability. So if they’re not answering your calls or complaints, this is that factor. You cannot guarantee you will get assisted every time you call. This did not list also at what period you will actually get higher internet speeds than the said 30% minimum.

This fine print applies to every one of their plans so make sure to read them and inquire on Converge if there are any more important fine prints you should know about. You can’t also switch to another network within the next 24 months, so deciding to apply is critical, as this is irreversible for a long period of time.

Your internet is not slow. Converge did state how much internet you should be expecting at the minimum, so the 100Mbps wording here is marketing at work. Fine prints are written small and companies hope you don’t notice it, so if you apply for the 100Mbps plan but fail to meet expectations upon running a speed test, then read the fine print, always.

Keep in mind that this 100Mbps plan is only available until 30th June, 2022 for newly-subscribed Converge members

Source: Converge