You can no longer stack vouchers in Shopee

If you have a free shipping voucher applied, you can’t add platform discounts or cash back at the same time. Shame, they saw through it.

Gone are the days when users can use two or more vouchers at the same time. Personally, we did the same thing, especially for expensive items such as smartphones or mini appliances. We would apply the free shipping voucher, and then at the same time, we would apply a compatible discount (both available from the shop and from the platform itself) so we can get the item for even lesser. Now, you can no longer do that. They probably saw through that and decided that being generous maybe isn’t good for them.

The good news is that, you can still apply shop-specific vouchers alongside one selected platform voucher, or vouchers available globally and not just taken from shops. So let’s say you’re buying that Realme Pad for your little cousins and you want to apply vouchers, you can select either a) Free Shipping Voucher, b) Discount voucher or c) Cashback voucher. Suppose you went with option A, that means options b and c are no longer allowed unless you deselect option A first. Alongside that, the store where you are buying it has its own discount vouchers, then you can stack them alongside your free shipping voucher. Although no more, no less.

Comment Section regarding the change in NoypiGeeks‘ post

The worst part? Shopee did not announce this change leading to an uproar on social media and some even review-bombed the app in the App Store and Google Play. In particular, comments sections in tech blogs like in NoypiGeeks expressed their frustration. Some even say that users should just move to Lazada or threaten to delete their Shopee app.

In response, Shopee revised its FAQ section regarding this change. Still, it would have been better if they would have just announced it early. It would not prevent negative feedback but also, there won’t be as high negative reactions.