Netflix kills its own Animation Studio, fires executives and then cancel potentially good animated shows

Netflix wants every show to be as dumb and lazy as the Boss Baby. Really shows how they treat the animation industry.

Just last month, Netflix lost about 200K subscribers and that number is going to continue rising. Their stocks also downed to 35%, a sharp drop. The main citation for this was due to the company moving away from Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine. However, this is also partly to blame for password-sharing among non-paying viewers.

Companies make bad decisions, and Netflix, trying to regain the losses, has ingeniously killed its own Animation Studio. In turn, this caused many promising original Netflix animations like The Twits and Bone to be canceled. Bone, in particular, was anticipated by fans who read the critically acclaimed comic by Jeff Smith.

According to TheWrap, (article requires payment), Netflix’s Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation Phil Rynda was axed and let off the hook, along with his staff. Another show canceled was Toil and Trouble by Lauren Faust, popularly known for developing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

These mass cancellations came from a rumor that the Animation department was being reorganized. Netflix geniuses thought that mindless shows like Boss Baby is how animations should be treated. It isn’t owned by Netflix however, it is owned by Dreamworks. By the way, they only said that because of high ratings not because it has a decent story. Netflix does not care about that at all, what it does care about is the money of course! Why would they ever care about their audience or animators in general?

It’s pretty disappointing to see this is how animation is being treated. Nothing but distractions for kids and only for kids. When shows like The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and Bojack Horseman, are geared toward adults. And even shows intended for children like Gravity Falls, The Owl House, and Over the Garden Wall have mature themes that even adults can enjoy and watch.

Source: IGN