Android 13 and 14 code names revealed!

Android 13 is internally named “Tiramisu”. Android 14’s internal name is pretty surprising.

Android 12 has recently been launched and is already available on select flagships and midrangers. However, like with every smartphone leak, Google’s Android as well as Apple’s iOS quickly catch on with the rumor mill.

Google is traditionally known for using dessert-based names for their Android versions. They finally dropped this naming system outside of internal codes starting with Android 10. And speaking of codes, we may finally have confirmation of what Android 13 and 14 might be internally named. For Android 13, it’s Tiramisu, and for Android 14… well… are you ready for this? Drum Roll… UPSIDE DOWN CAKE! How creative. But I guess “Ube cake” isn’t popular enough outside of the Philippines and this is what Google came up with.

Android 13 continues on the “Material You” design that was first introduced on Android 12. This design was first shown on the Pixel series. It is a clay-like design focusing on user customization and flexibility. Android 14 is also now in the rumor mill even though Android 12 has just launched and we only have a level of development for Android 13.

Yes, Upside Down Cake is a real thing. While it is served right-side-up, it is actually baked upside down, hence the name. Toppings include fruits like pineapple and peaches as well as sugar. The name was chosen because there are only a handful of desserts that start with the letter U. We also guess this is why Google opted to put the dessert-themed codenames into the internal codes instead in Android 10, cause there are only a handful of desserts that start with Q. For Android 10, Google went with Quince Tart.

Android 13’s notable features include better and more optimized multi-tasking and memory allocation, dynamic themes for third-party apps, and native HDR video for its camera2api. Beta testing will roll out after the Google I/O Conference that will happen on 11th May for select devices with Xiaomi and OnePlus being early adopters, like in previous Android betas.

We have no word yet about the features regarding Android 14 and there won’t be anytime soon because Android 13 is yet to be rolled out.

Source: XDA Developers