The first OnePlus foldable phone may be a rebrand of the Oppo Find N

OnePlus is slowly losing its identity

Oppo Find N

Oppo has previously revealed its first foldable phone, the Oppo Find N. It boasts having little to no creases even if you fold and unfold it multiple times. This is impressive for a first-generation device.

OnePlus also wants to be part of the foldable game. After all, it’s a niche market with slowly increasing users so they are not losing this opportunity. OnePlus will have a team of researchers making the best foldable one has ever seen and they will make it chea— wait no. It’s a rebrand of the Oppo Find N. Sigh… really OnePlus?

Rebranding is a very common practice on smartphones nowadays. Its process is very similar to car rebadging. One time, you will see a phone “newly” released and think to yourself ‘wait a minute, haven’t I heard of this phone before?’

Xiaomi does it very frequently and so does BBK. We understand that OnePlus phones, even during its earliest days, are always a rebranded Oppo (the OnePlus One is just the Oppo Find 5 after all), but their phones felt different because they had an identity, even if they use the same shell. Now, thanks to the merge, even OxygenOS is slowly losing its identity and becoming a variant of ColorOS.

The OnePlus foldable will retain the same hardware as the Oppo Find N, but will have a different name and software, particularly, it will run OxygenOS for global users. However, this is just a rumor and we’re hoping things change as OnePlus is slowly losing its sense of identity.

We’ll let you know if there’s anymore updates to it. Crossing fingers that the OnePlus foldable is a completely different phone.

Source: Pricebaba