Germany shuts down one of the deep web’s largest marketplaces. It’s called Hydra

One of the biggest raids to ever hit the deep web.

The Reichstag. Image Credit: Ariel Szanto

The deep web is the darker side of the internet. Researchers say that it contains a lot more websites and hidden secrets and conspiracies that will not pop up through the usual internet, otherwise known as the surface web. In the deep web, several marketplaces are available and because it is hidden, deep web marketplaces have more freedom and resiliency to sell illegal goods such as drugs, firearms, and counterfeit products. In a sense, it is an online black market. One popular online dark market was The Silk Road and was previously owned by “Dread Pirate Roberts” aka Ross Ulbricht. It was considered the first modern online dark market.

One of the largest online black markets was shut down by Germany’s Central Office for Combating Cybercime. It’s the Russian marketplace called Hydra. It is a hidden website known for money laundering, drug trade, forging documents, and other illegal activities. In addition to the seizure, the authorities were also able to seize BTC 543 (~USD 25 million) worth of cryptocurrency.

The website was operational since 2015 and also offered, among other things, hacking personal information and selling stolen credit cards. While the website was taken down, the operators and everyone involved are yet to be tracked.

Source: VICE