Twitter will FINALLY let you edit tweets

Not April Fools’ this time (maybe).

Elon Musk is now a board member of Twitter after purchasing 9% shares of the company. As board member, he sent out the following poll on Twitter:

We don’t know if that “yes” option is an intentional typo, but it sure does make the edit button much more important

Obviously, the majority of Twitter voted for yes. About 4 million people participated in this poll and sure enough, this is enough for Twitter to finally add an edit button. Twitter Blue Labs is now working on this possibility. There may be a limit or cool down for how long a user can edit their tweets at a time.

Twitter also noted that they have been working on an edit button in their recent tweet. Although the tweet was posted on 1st April so some users dismissed it as an April Fools’ joke. A voice member for Twitter, Michael Sayman, also reiterated the same thing.

While the details are vague, this does open up the fact that Twitter is now opportunistic in working on an edit button again. Something that should have been done years ago. But if this does become real, then the joke about Twitter not having an edit button will finally be buried, for real.

Source: Search Engine Journal