Grab will soon add a “Quiet Mode” through its ride-hailing service.

This is for people who just wanted a smooth and cozy ride without the small talks of some drivers.

Ever feel annoyed by your driver’s constant talking and blabbing? It’s been several years but finally Grab is doing something about it… Introducing QUIET MODE!

A notification that enables Quiet Mode in Grab

If you have received a notification SMS from Grab, then you might be already aware of this. The SMS message says “For a conversation-free ride, please respond ‘Quiet’ to this message. You may ignore this if you have no preference, this is only a trial to help us and our driver-partners understand our passengers’ preferences.” The beta testing of this feature has started last Monday, 4th April and is expected to tentatively run until June. When the feature gets enough positive feedback from users, then it may become permanent.

Actually, we want to try out this feature someday as it may be useful to us. The fact that it is non-invasive and isn’t some sort of nagware, made us already impressed with the feature and we’re hoping to see it become permanent.

Important information such as passenger location, destination, time of arrival, and special notes are still available for the driver however. This featurette is meant to avoid meaningless conversations for passengers who prefer quite rides.

Source: Spot