Realme will launch a smaller version of its tablet, the Realme Pad Mini

Comes in a cute 8.7in. 720p display. The pixels would surely love matching together, like a puzzle piece.

The Realme Pad is a budget tablet with a premium design. It even comes in a metal chassis. The tablet must have sold well in the country because Realme has just announced it will launch a miniature version of it and it will launch here first in the Philippines

According to Realme, the tablet will have an 8.7in. HD+ screen, a resolution you probably don’t want on a screen size this big since the pixels would be a lot more visible than phones with a 6in. screen size. Like the Realme Pad, it will have slim bezels.

Under the hood is the 12nm UNISOC Tiger T616 chipset. This chipset uses a Mali-G57 GPU and an octa-core CPU. This is paired with 3 or 4GB RAM and either 32 or 64GB storage. Some say these storage sizes are no longer sufficient for everyday tasks. Luckily the tablet comes with a MicroSD card slot that can hold up to 1TB worth of storage.

Realme said that the tablet is intended for school, entertainment, and gaming purposes. It’s basically a cheap entertainment system that is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a 6400mAh battery which is average for an 8.7in tablet. This battery is paired with an 18W USB-C port.

Based on the render, it has a single back camera and possibly a single front camera for HD video calls.

We are yet to see availability and pricing. So stay tuned and we’ll fetch them for you once it is live. For now, you can stick with the larger and more powerful Realme Pad.