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You might not have heard of it but Carl Pei has left OnePlus to start his new company. He funnily called it “Nothing”. It aims for simplicity and targets the youth. The company released a pair of transparent wireless earbuds as their first product.

In Yesterday’s event, Carl Pei has announced that the new startup will launch their first-ever phone, the Nothing Phone 1 with a heavy emphasis on longevity and security updates. The phone, according to TheVerge isn’t rivaling OnePlus at all, but rather at Apple.

The company did not share much about its spec sheet but it will run with NothingOS based on Android and will also use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It also promises up to three years worth of major updates and four years of security updates, which is already more than what Android manufacturers give and is close to iOS updates

Going back to NothingOS, Carl Pei said that this OS improves upon Android by “capturing its best features” while also adding only “the essentials”. In short, this new OS would be like OxygenOS during its early years, where it is a modified Android skin without the unnecessary bloatware that just slows down the phone.

Basically, Nothing is a company that aspires to continue where the original OnePlus left off. OnePlus is a company that once was known for “flagship killer” phones. Phones that have flagship features at a midrange price and with little to no bloat. Today, OnePlus has since shifted to releasing full-fledged flagships, abandoning their old traditions. Multiple users felt betrayed then saying the new OnePlus has settled. Nothing will preview a launcher for NothingOS in the coming months.

a render of the NothingOS

The Nothing Phone 1 has been positioned as a phone with a broad ecosystem that will be available to other manufacturers. Users of phones from different brands would be able to download it on select Android phones this April. As seen from the render above, the new NothingOS has a dot matrix “pixel-like” design with a simple interface and a unified look. NothingOS would also come with the Dynamic/Virtual RAM feature seen on other BBK handsets. Don’t worry, Nothing has nothing (pun intended) to do with BBK Electronics, so they’re safe from being ‘Oppofied’.

The phone will launch sometime this July when summer starts. NothingOS and the Nothing Phone 1’s main premise is to become an Apple alternative by promising several years of updates which Apple already does to their handsets.

Source: Nothing (event): THE TRUTH (event has ended)