QUICK REMINDER: Apple’s “Peek Performance” event is happening TOMORROW!

Apple has always launched events early in the year and every September. Looks like it’s that time again when Apple launches a big event. It will be live-streamed both on YouTube as well as Apple’s website. Here are some speculations which we gathered in preparation.

The event will be held in Apple Park in Cupertino, California, USA like the previous online-only events. Currently, Apple is assessing the situation on which employees can come back to their offices. Ever since the pandemic began, the company has held online-only events.

Several invitation letters were given through e-mails. The event poster may hint that Apple might be planning something in regards to Augmented Reality, the Metaverse, and/or virtual reality.

A few devices were rumoured to appear in this event is the unveiling of the next-gen iPhone SE along with an improved version of the iPad Air. The Mac Mini and/or a 13in. MacBook Pro are also expected to make an appearance. It will be powered using one of Apple’s own in-house chipsets.

Speaking of the iPhone SE, the next-generation iPhone SE is a lot more budget-friendly and it is told to be the “cheapest 5G phone” Apple has manufactured. The render above shows what the new iPhone SE might look like. It will take the appearance of the previous iPhone SE just with internal upgrades. The improved iPad Air will most likely get a similar treatment.

The new Mac Mini will replace the previous Mac Mini that uses Intel chips, and these new replacements will use the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips instead. The 13in. MacBook Pro would get an improved chip called the M2, the successor to the M1.

The M2 chip uses the same octa-core CPU as the M1 but the M2 is faster, both on CPU and GPU.

In the Philippines, the event will air around 2AM, 9th March.

Source: MacRumors