The first benchmarks for the Dimensity 8000 have appeared! The chip is comparable to the Snapdragon 888 and may offer a more valuable price than the flagship Dimensity 9000 chip!

Qualcomm has really let themselves go, and Mediatek is out here being quite aggressive. Oh, also, hopefully no cheating this time.

The Mediatek Dimensity 9000 has made quite a lot of publicity after its first benchmark tests on AnTuTu resulted it in getting over 1 million points, the first for any chip since the previous generation flagship chips couldn’t get over 900K points. However, there are reports that the chip is expensive to manufacture so OEMs have to raise prices for their smartphones slightly compared to the previous flagship chip, the Dimensity 1200.

In order to balance out the prices while also giving a highly top-notch performance, Mediatek has come up with a slightly downtiered version of the Dimensity 9000 chip called the Dimensity 8000. The chipset is originally set to compete against the Snapdragon 870 according to a leaker, a downtiered version of the Snapdragon 888. However benchmark tests showed that Mediatek put way too much effort into doing it, so much it even threatened the Snapdragon 888!

AnTuTu score for the Dimensity 8000, courtesy of Digital Chat Station

A screenshot of the benchmark test has surfaced online from the ever-reliable tipster Digital Chat Station showing that the said chipset scored a whopping 820K points, which is just in the middle of the usual Snapdragon 888 charts that score around 750K-880K points.

The Mediatek Dimensity 8000 is a 5nm chip, comparable to previous-gen’s flagship chips. It is composed of octa-core processors comprising of four Cortex A-78 @2.75GHz, and four Cortex A-55 efficiency cores. This is complemented by the Mali-G510 GPU. According to ARM, the manufacturer of said GPU, this new Mali-G510 GPU has 22% better power efficiency compared to older generations.

Source: Digital Chat Station (in Chinese), via GSMArena